Safety Programs

Accidents can happen

Partner with PNP to ensure real success in your overall safety program! Safety recognition programs can be highly effective at changing or reinforcing employee safety behavior.

Safety recognition programs serve as a reminder of your company’s pledge to safety and reinforces that safety is a 24/7, 365 days a year commitment because things change such as safety laws, legislation, and safety practices, along with possibly the work environment, and equipment.
We all know we like to be recognized for overall efforts and job performance. When staff behavior is at a highly acceptable level, this means your employees are really making the required effort continuously to be safe, and PNP’s goal is to assist you to maintain an acceptable safety level with your staff and reduce the number of accidents on the job.
Reward components built into your safety program not only reinforces your message but makes the program fun for participants and keeps them engaged. We will work with you to incorporate result-driven safety recognition solutions for areas such as training program attendance, participation in safety quizzes, and on-the-spot recognition for employees caught using the right safety equipment or following safe work practices.

Cost-Effective Options

Partners N Promotion offers many cost-effective and financially rewarding safety recognition options.
  • Online safety recognition catalogs
  • ANSI ii and ANSI iii certified safety apparel
  • Printed service award gift catalog
  • Gift card solutions with overall safety theme imprinted on cards and company logo
  • Brand name retail merchandise
  • Support for employees with and without internet access
  • Full customer service center to answer employee questions before and after award redemption
  • Most products ship within 24 hours of order receipt and ship to recipient home
  • Timely program reporting
  • Full program goal setting, program communication and marketing assistance
Many HR and Safety Managers agree that a well-executed safety recognition program can yield substantial savings for workplace employers and yield more engagement amongst your employees! Partners N Promotion has the experience you need to plan, design, launch and support your safety recognition program.
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